It's Women’s Day Everyday

Being a company created and run by women for women, we at Kay Deane are constantly inspired by the achievements of many woman present and before us who have helped pave the way today. The 2019 Kay Deane Collection that debuted on the 8th of March 2019, coinciding with International woman’s day was drawn inspiration from these great personalities.

International Women’s Day is a day in which we reflected on the courage and resilience of woman who blazed the fiery highway that has lead us to the successes that we currently are privileged to celebrate. Although there were thousands of women from both this century and previous ones who we considered iconic achievers, we shortlisted nine women who we felt really shaped the lives we lead today.


Lady Diana Spencer’s genuine compassion towards refugees and landmine victims was well documented. She was also known for her impish spirit and sparkling energy. The Diana robe captures the playful spirit of a woman whose charisma and elegance will never be forgotten.


With delicate lace sleeves, our Anne Frank style is charming and edgy. Inspired by youthful resilience of the young diarist who inspired it, the style in a timeless classic.


Ground breaker. Trailblazer. Record breaker. Named after the first woman to pilot a solo flight across the Atlantic, our Amelia Earhart set is designed for the bride who likes fuss free elegance.


Refined and minimalist, the Benazir Bhutto robe is a tribute to the first woman to be democratically elected as the Prime Minister of a Muslim nation. 


Galvanized by the casualties of the American Civil War, Clara Barton changed the way an entire nation responded to war and other disasters by founding the American Red Cross. The powerful Jet Black hued satin and delicate lace edging on her namesake robe is symbolic of her strength and selflessness.


With an eloquence of speech combined with courage beyond measure, Malala Yousafzai continues to fight for the education and basic human rights of displaced girls everywhere. With a dainty yet durable scalloped edging, our Malala robe is a tribute to the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner who continues to lead the fight for equality.


Lawyer. Mother. Educator. Wife. Author. First Lady. Michelle Obama is the epitome of the Kay Deane woman. Proving that strong family values, hard work and dedication are the keys to success Michelle Obama, continues to inspire young women everywhere to follow her trailblazing path. The strong yet feminine silhouette of the  Michelle robe emulates her elegance and power.


Refusing to pigeonholed by a childhood filled with poverty and abuse, Oprah Winfrey became a pioneering force in the field of confessional interviews as well as philanthropy. inspired by her originality and commitment to improving the lives of others, our Oprah robe is an exercise in tasteful elegance.


Fire-starter. Revolutionary. Warrior woman. Jet Black satin combined with edgy black lace, Our Rosa robe capture some of the boldness of the first lady of the civil rights movement.

Each of the robes have been designed and crafted meticulously with embellishments and details inspired by the strong traits and that make each of our icons the personification of the Kay Deane woman and what she stands for. With the creation of this collection, our goal is to remind woman of their own courage, power and originality. We hope that our customers will continue to carry the torch lit by our icons to inspire the next generation of fire starters.

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