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10 Bachelorette Party Essentials

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

A bachelorette party is as much fun to plan as your wedding, because the objective is to simply have a blast with your friends at an unforgettable location before your special day. We consider it entirely your decision about whether or not you should spill the beans about your bachelorette party shenanigans to your future kids;). Nothing beats a pool or beachside bachelorette party in Sri Lanka because we really do have an abundance of locations with all the right tropical elements like hot sun, balmy breeze, palm trees and perfectly chilled drinks. For this weeks blog post, we decided to save our beautiful brides-to-be a bit of time by shortlisting our bachelorette party essentials.

1. Cotton and Paper Flamingo Float

photo credits freepik.com

No pool side bachelorette party is complete without a gigantic flamingo pool float. Pool parties and flamingo floats go together like shampoo and conditioner. Not only is the Flamingo Float from Cotton and Paper rather Instagramable, it is also extremely durable. Trust us when we say we personally tested many pool floats just so you wouldn’t have to.

2. Thambili Islandwear Horizon Kaftan

photo credits thambiliisland.com

A Kaftan is an easy piece every beach bunny bride should own because they are extremely versatile. The Horizon Kaftan from Thambili Islandwear has the most gorgeous detailing. We love the classy Ivory colour because of how it makes our skin-tone pop.The minimalist silhouette, plunging neckline and drawstring waist allows you to cover up without looking dowdy. This isn’t your grandma’s kaftan, that’s for sure.

3. Customized Doughnuts from The Doughnuttery

photo credits RM Photograpghy

There are formal parties where you want to sip your champagne daintily. Your bachelorette party is the one party where you should be able to let loose and just have fun. Donuts are more low key than macaroons or cupcakes. This doesn’t mean that they can’t be elegant. The customized donuts from the Doughnuttery are perfect because they taste amazing and can be customized into something special. Just for you. We at Kay Deane feel that they are the perfect party dessert for this very reason.

4.Platter It Up Grazing Tables

photo credits Platteritup Instagram page

Graving tables are our favourite way of serving refreshments at parties because they they make a stunning visual impact in a way that is impossible with a buffet. Platters piled high with perfectly ripe fruit, crunchy veggies, flowers and deli meats and cheese look stunning and are easy to eat. We want our guests to be able to grab dips, cheese and crackers off the table without having to put down their glass. This is also a great way for guests to fuel up without feeling too full, in between jumping in and out of the pool. Platter It Up Grazing Tables are our top choice for decadent platters..

5.Party Sparkles Helium Ring Balloons

photo credits Party Sparkles

Offering island-wide delivery, Party Sparkles has the best speciality balloons on the market. The helium ring balloon is our favourite for bachelorette parties. Why? Because it's cute to have another ring in addition to the other two you got.

6.Bride To Be Sash Party Adventures

photo credits Party Adventure Instagram

We consider tiaras too pagent-princessy for your bachelorette party. A bride to be sash is a chic yet cheeky way to stand out at your own party. The Bride To Be Sash from Party Adventures is our sassy new favourite.

7.Flower Crowns by Babes n’ Tots

photo credits Babes n Tots Instagram

We just adore the gorgeous corals, pinks and creams colours that Babes n’ Tots utilize for their pretty flower crowns. Unlike real flowers, these flower crowns will never loose their vibrancy.We also love that they are the perfect keepsake to give your guests as a thank you for making your bachelorette party special. Also, you and your friends get to look like you belong on a Lana Del Rey album cover in pictures.

8. Floral Buttercream Cakes by Miss Whisk

photo credits Miss Whisk

The Floral Buttercream Cakes from Miss Whisk may have the beauty of watercolour botanical paintings, but they also pack a serious punch when it comes to taste and richness. We don’t know what magic she uses to combine decadence and delicacy to create these stunning cakes. It’s this lethal combination that make Miss Whisk’s cakes our tried and true favourites for bachelorette parties.

10. Wild Wines Strawberry Wine

photo credits RM Photograpghy

One of the perks of living in a tropical paradise is the endless summer. Nothing screams summertime like a few bottles of chilled Wild Vine Strawberry White Zinfandel.There’s no room for any summertime sadness if you and your friends are sipping on this strawberry flavoured wine at your poolside bachelorette party. We also urge you to use it as a base for a pitcher (or twenty) of Sangria.

Menik Senanayake is a writer and blogger living in Toronto, Canada. She’s a polyglot who ironically prefers the company of animals over people.You can read her travel stories at lavenderlune.org and follow her on Instagram here.

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