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10 Unconventional Celebrity Engagement Rings

Almost every girl out there is waiting for that moment when they see their partner on bended knee (or however he decides to do it) asking you to do them the honour of being their wife! After that whole moment has passed, eventually there are going to be those cute Instagram posts with captions like ‘I said yes’ or ‘He liked it, so he put a ring on it!’ so you can share the excitement with your loved ones.

The focus obviously (apart from the celebration of your upcoming nuptials) will be on what kind of ring is on your finger. I personally would like a simple blue Sapphire white gold ring (note that down, future husband!), but there truly are some stunning unique rings out there! In this blog post, we are going to be listing down our top 10 picks for most unconventional celebrity engagement rings, ‘cause let’s be real, who else can afford to be this extra?

1. Kate Middleton - Blue Sapphire

From one of our favourite Royal couples, Kate Middletons’ engagement ring (which once belonged to Prince William’s mother Diana, a fashion icon herself) is a gorgeous 12-carat oval blue sapphire, cut into facets, and surrounded by fourteen solitaire diamonds and set in 18K white gold. It just goes to show, family heirlooms have their own special worth that can’t be replaced.

2. Alison Brie - Rose Quartz

Alison Brie’s classic round cut engagement ring features a stunning circular rose quartz stone with a pavé double halo in diamonds that gives the usually unassuming rock a glitz that you can see from space. Though of course nothing can outshine Alison herself. Consider yourself astronomically lucky, Dave Franco!

3. Heidi Klum - Alexandrites

A lot of thought was put into the design of Heidi Klum’s engagement ring by designer Tom Kaulitz. Incorporating her favourite colour - green, Kaulitz opted to fit the German model with an Alexandrite instead of the standard emerald. The beautiful three-stone ring is highlighted by the two cushion cut diamonds on either side

4. Blake Lively - a Rare flawless pink Diamond

There’s very little in this world than can compare to the beauty that is Blake Lively herself, so it’s no wonder her now-husband Ryan Reynolds pulled out all the stops when asking for her hand in marriage. Her solitaire pavé band in 14k rose gold reportedly cost a whopping $2 million, but the star of the show is the rare flawless pink diamond. Pink diamonds are among the rarest colored diamonds in the world - less than 0.01% of all diamond carats mined. Hard to live up to that, we know!

5. Meghan Markle - Aquamarine

We all know Prince Harry is/was a total Mama’s boy, so really it shouldn’t have shocked anyone when he made sure Princess Diana was there in spirit on his wedding day. When the newly-wed couple left for their reception, Meghan flaunted Princess Diana’s Aquamarine ring as they waved out to well-wishers. The emerald cut aquamarine is surrounded by small, solitaire diamonds and set in 24-carat yellow gold. The Royals really take the saying ‘something borrowed and something blue’ to new heights, don’t they?

6. Rebecca Robertson - Opalescent

Untraditional it may be, but they definitely went for thoughtful with this ring! The reality TV star’s 14-karat-gold ring features an Opal which is her birthstone, in a Bezel setting flanked by two rows of five small diamonds adjacent to a long bar shaped diamond style ring. She is certainly one lucky duck!

7. Katy Perry - Ruby

The couple announced their engagement on Instagram with the caption “Full bloom”, referencing Katy’s interestingly shaped ring. The distinctive halo design features a 2 carat ruby surrounded by diamonds creating a flower shaped ring. Flower power clearly never went away, and more power to the star couple!

8. Jenny McCarthy - Yellow Sapphire

For a bombshell blonde, you definitely need a bombshell of a ring, and does she have it with her massive 10-carat yellow sapphire ting that is set in 18-karat white gold with the band itself encrusted in diamonds. It is reported that a custom basket was made for the sapphire as they went no holds barred for this ring.

9. Zoe Saldana - Amethyst

Do you know what happens when powerhouse meets powerhouse? MAGIC! Lorraine Schwartz who is one Hollywood’s hottest designers had the beautiful Zoe Saldana rocking (emphasis on rock) her custom-made 80 carat Amethyst ring at the Oscars in 2010. The ring which was a statement in itself had everyone’s jaw dropping played with the play on different shades of purple in the ring.

10. Halle Berry - Emerald

This ring really takes it to the next level! Actress Halle Berry’s 4 carat emerald ring is famous for its unusual setting and mysterious secret. The gold ring was hand forged by French jeweler Robert Mazio, with two diamonds flanking the distinctive square cut emerald. The ring reportedly also contain Phoenician codes that supposedly represent the couple’s love story, making it truly priceless.

And there you have it! Some ring inspo for those of you who just aren’t feeling the standard gold and diamonds. Don’t feel hemmed in when picking out an engagement ring, because these days anything goes! From rocks in all shapes and sizes to every kind of setting, cut and material - you’re free to flaunt your own individual style.

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