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12 Must have Wedding Registry Gifts

Wedding gifts! The sentiment is quite lovely; your wedding guests comprising of your loved ones want to wish you the best by giving you gifts they think you would need as you take the next steps into married life however it can be troublesome to walk away from your wedding ceremony with 7 toasters, a microwave that you don’t have a need for and other wrapped knick-knacks that are not quite certain what to do with.

This is where we at Kay Deane step in and show you the brilliant, the marvellous and amazing idea of wedding registers! They are super convenient in ensuring that you get what you and your spouse want while saving the hassle for your guests racking their brains into what to give you.

Silver Aisle which is Sri Lanka’s only all-in-one online Wedding gift registry for newlyweds and guests alike have come up with 12 categories of products they deem absolute must-haves for newlyweds.

Featuring over 2000 products and experiences from 40 of Colombo’s most sought after brands, such as Paradise Road, Dankotuwa, Gandhara, Smeg, Singer, Sonali Dharmawardena Homeware, Urban Island, Classic Travels, and more; Silver Aisle is your one-shot stop into creating your dream wedding register.

1. Kitchen essentials

Oh, how I dream of a beautiful kitchen with even more beautiful appliances. Nothing says you have it all together like a set of Smeg appliances for your kitchen which I’m sure will come in handy in making your spouse breakfast in bed. (We are keeping the romance alive people!)

You can also opt for stainless steel, ceramic, or non-stick cookware sets with Silver Aisle as they give you a wide range of brands and sets to choose from.

2. Espresso sets

Espresso? Yes, please. Let’s face it espresso is essential when it comes to dealing with post-wedding fatigue. Just imagine waking up to freshly-brewed espresso in dainty looking mugs and it doesn't even have to be espresso. Pick your poison, be it tea, coffee or even milk; we are just saying that starting your day or keeping up at night with a lovely tea/espresso set doesn’t sound so bad to us.

3. Cake stand

Someone wise once said ‘let them eat cake’ so we did. Baking is always fun and baking with your partner makes it even more interesting especially if your partner isn’t quite sure what the difference between icing and caster sugar is. A Portmeirion cake stand is perfect to showcase all your final baking masterpieces.

4. Dinnerware and tableware

Make in-house date nights even more special with fancy dinnerware! At Silver Aisle they have some beautiful dinner plates (and some come with side plates and mugs) available that honestly scream aesthetic. Whether you prefer a more rustic look or a classier one, you don’t have to worry there are plenty of options to choose from.

Batik inspired tableware by Sonali Dharmawardena will be the perfect finishing touch to your table for all your meals. From napkins to placemat sets, wouldn’t you like to add this to your wedding register?

5. Cocktail set and wine bucket

Here’s to us hoping your love ages like fine wine. There are only two things that could possibly help you forget a particularly tough day and they are your spouse and a few cocktails and wine maybe? (we recommend drinking alcohol at a very slow pace but who are we to judge).

From Nude’s Hepburn Coupe glasses, vintage Martini Glasses and vintage Grappa Glasses; Silver Aisle offers you the chance to get your hands on an amazing cocktail glasses collection.

Keep you wine chilled and ready to drink with an elephant detailed Wine bucket by Dankotuwa which honestly is essential to have when hosting friends over for some down-time or even some quality leisure time with your partner.

6. Bedding

A key to a happy marriage is some good night sleep (right?), and the key to some good night sleep? Comfortable yet stunning bedding of course.

Sonali Dharmawardena does it again with fabulous batik inspired cushions and covers, bed runners, and quilts. Give your bed an elegant look that will beckon you to sink into your mattress after a long day.

Legacy Linen’s Benjamin Bedding set which includes a top sheet, duvet cover and two pillowcases also is another option that you can go for to guarantee a good night's sleep.

7. Laundry basket

I’m sure this Palmyrah red basket is going to convince you to get your laundry done at once instead of letting it heap up (like me! I’m getting to it, I promise). In a striking crimson red this statement piece can be used as a laundry basket or even as a classy storage box.

8. Lamps

Just imagine nice soft ambient lighting emitting from even nicer lamps in your household. This bespoke lamp collection will show guests that you appreciate the finer things in life.

With intricate floral designs on its bodice, these lamps by Gandhara is a must-have to elevate your living room or bedroom decor.

9. Contemporary Ceylon prints

Bring a bit of Sri Lanka into your homes with the iconic contemporary Ceylon prints by Stick No Bills. These artistic prints personally invoke memories of walking down the ramparts of Galle and I’m sure having them in your homes is sure to make you remember why you love our little island.

10. Vases

What better way to entice your spouse to romance you with flowers that with Ghandara’s beautiful collage of vases. From peach bottle vases, white cylindrical vases to red conical vases; an assortment of vases to choose to either mix or match or place in different areas of your home.

11. Experiences/ Getaways

If you haven’t already picked your honeymoon destination or wouldn’t mind another vacation after you’ve settled into the world of the married; Silver Aisle has a few experiences/getaways that can be gifted to a well-deserving couple.

To 5-star accommodation in Bali for 4 days and 3 nights (flight-inclusive!), to a two night stay in one of Sri Lanka’s finest hotels -- HeritanceKandalama; these getaways would be a perfect treat to enter your marriage with.

12. Household necessities

Silver Aisle will always pull through with your essential necessities as well! If you are planning on embarking on a new adventure with your future spouse by living in your home, there are some necessities which would be a lovely housewarming/wedding gift.

Perhaps a Samsung 4K TV or Hitachi Refrigerator? Add it to your register, you never which kind-hearted loved one might get it for you to wish you the best of luck for your future.

Ruqyyaha Deane is a writer, a dreamer and an unfortunate procrastinator. She hopes that one day she will finish at least one of the manuscripts hidden in her journals. Currently, she's waiting for the man of her dreams and/or a decent living wage. Whichever comes first.

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