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6 tips to upcycling your wedding flowers, instead of letting it end up in the trash

Picture this romantic scene before you:

“And in the warm hedge grew lush eglantine,

Green cowbind and the moonlight-coloured may,

And cherry-blossoms, and white cups, whose wine

Was the bright dew, yet drained not by the day;

And wild roses, and ivy serpentine,

With its dark buds and leaves, wandering astray;

And flowers, azure, black, and streaked with gold,

Fairer than any wakened eyes behold.”

[“Question”, 417] Percy Shelly.

Yes, Shelly most certainly knew what he was talking about!

Now imagine the fresh smell of flowers on cascading tendrils on display, adding a warm, sentimental and romantic feel to your special day.

Who can resist the idea of having your wedding venue decked up in such a charming fashion?

Whether seen in nature, placed on the backdrop of the altar [poruwa or mandap], or used in bouquets gifted to loved ones, flowers in full boom are certainly a sight to relish.

So who could bear to see them carelessly tossed in the trash?

Here are some ways in which you can preserve flowers after they have been used at a wedding:

1. Make potpourri:

Photo credits Pinterest

It might seem like something tedious, but making potpourri is a surprisingly easy craft. The key ingredient is dried flowers and the right mix of it. Be sure to select a variety of flowers that will blend together.

How it looks also adds to its appeal. So definitely include a range of hues and throw in some seed pods or pine cones to make it look attractive.

Adding lavender, essential oil, rose fragrance oil will help preserve and enhance its fragrance, leaving your senses wanting more.

2. Dye fabric:

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If you’ve been dreaming of floral printed fabric to design your wardrobe or your living room, here’s a chance to create your own!

Also known as ‘Eco Dyeing’, you can use your leftover flowers to design your very own floral print.

Place. Press. Print!

You can even use flowers to dye robes to give to your bridesmaids; a simple but sentimental token to express your gratitude.

3. Home decor: Press and Frame

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Why spend thousands of rupees, purchasing ornaments or frames to fill up your living room? Create beautiful flower-pressed frames instead!

There’s more!

If you are looking for a place to store your most cherished family photographs, you can create your very own dried-flower photo frames to make your memories fragrant and beautiful.

Making flower-pressed bookmarks out of your very own flower petal paper will come in handy to mark places in your much-loved books, without damaging the pages.

Photo credits Pinterest

4. DIY candles:

Photo credits Pinterest

Looking to create a romantic setting? Here’s an opportunity to make DIY candles using dried flowers.

Yes if you are looking for something romantic, warm lighting is the way to go and flower candles can help you create the most romantic setting you’ve been yearning for. So try it out!

5. Take home:

Photo credits Geeshan Bandara

If you’ve ever been at a wedding adorned with resplendent flower walls, then you’ve probably experienced the desire to want to steal some flowers just for yourself [wink, wink].

Let’s admit fresh flowers can be truly captivating!

So here’s an idea. If you are the host, the perfect way to dispatch used flowers is by letting guests take them home.

6. Donate:

Looking to brighten someone else’s day? Then gift it to charity.

Arrange for your flowers to arrive at an orphanage or an elder’s home and you can place a smile on someone's face and much joy in their hearts.


Hurry! Don’t let nature’s treasure wilt!

Azra is a passionate writer and her interests include language, culture, politics education and psychology.

She enjoys reading or a good workout when she is stressed, though she opts for baking in her better (lol or lazier! JK) days. She is currently studying for a BA in English at the University Of Colombo

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