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9 Bridesmaids Gifts your Bridesmaids will Love

Updated: May 19, 2020

You’ve got your guy and now you need your girls. The whole ‘Will you marry me?’ question has been asked and joyfully answered with a resounding ‘YES!’ along with a whole bunch of happy tears. But now comes the more important question the bride-to-be’s will ever ask - ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’. Having your loved ones help you make the big walk down the aisle is an absolute must and if you are wondering how exactly you can pop the question, well we at Kay Deane have put together a list (they’re kinda our thing) of creative, fun ways to do so. This tender moment shared between you and your bridesmaids will be one that none of your will ever forget.

1. Floral Robes/Pyjamas from Kay Deane

Of course our very own bestsellers made it on the list! Our floral themed robes and pyjamas are chic way of proposing to your best gals. Customized with their names on the back, gifting them a set of either our robes or loungewear is sure to have them wearing their new matching attire on your big day as you’ll get ready for one of the biggest days of all of your lives (let’s get real here - if one person in your group gets married, it’s like everyone is getting married)

Price Pjyjamas 5,700LKR/Price Robes 4,800LKR

2. Bling from Cherie Lueur

If you want something your bridesmaids can use to accessorize their outfits or even simply wear everyday as a token of your love, the cute handmade jewellery from Cherie Lueur which can be made into the shape of your bridesmaids’ name/nickname is high-end way of getting that all important yes.

Price 5,800LKR each

3. Cookies from Cookiesweetheart

Let’s face it, without your bridesmaids by your side, you would probably crumble. Nothing says ‘I appreciate having a tough cookie like you in my corner,’ better than literal cookies. Cookies SweetArts do amazing yummy treats in the shapes of dresses to ask the lucky ones to be in your bridal retinue.

Price 435 LKR per box

4. Bridesmaid Cards Kay Deane

If you are looking for a more simplistic classic way to pop the question, go for a classy gold foiled card that can be customized to your liking. It’s also a fun sassy way to ask someone to be your bridesmaid, how, you may ask? Here’s a few messages that I personally loved. ‘Turns out I liked him more than I thought. Be my bridesmaid.’ or even ‘I can’t say I do without you in a God awful dress.’

Price 500LKR each

5. Cactus Plants from Bud Let Love Grow

Bud.letlovegrow is an online garden store that sells miniature to house-sized plants. They offer cactus plants in the most adorable little pots. So one way to ensure your love and friendship blossoms as you ask your loved ones to be your bridesmaids is to propose with a cactus that they can take care of and hopefully keep alive, at least till the wedding is over (taking care of a plant is hard work, okay?).

Price 800-2,000LKR (Depending on size and design)

6. Kay Deane Makeup Cases

For a more practical and functional gift, a customized KayDeane makeup case is the way to go. Every girls’ essential, a makeup case with their name on it will come in handy as you’ll travel about together for various wedding shenanigans. Pre-wedding trips, bachelorette parties,etc.

Price 2,500LKR each

7. Robed customised Champagne Flutes

You are bound to celebrate the news of your impending nuptials and the fact that your besties will be walking you down the aisle with a little bit of champagne. That is where customized champagne flutes come in handy. With these gifts, you and your bridesmaids can make toasts about how another one bites the dust.

Price 1,000LKR (comes in a box)

8. La chocolate box

Trust me, you can never ever go wrong with chocolates (unless of course they have fruits in them, but that’s a whole different argument). La Chocolata which is an online chocolate artisan allows you to ask the big questions with chocolate letters. Indulge in a little sinful temptation as you and your BFF’s gorge on these delicious chocolates after she says yes!

Price 3,350LKR (Box of 28)

9. Plusbox Gift Box

If you are a little indecisive (like me!) about deciding what to get for your bridesmaids-to-be and want to splurge a little, may we suggest a curated gift box? A local online store, plushbox.lk provides you with an opportunity to give your bridesmaids a little bit of everything that they need to accompany you on the journey down the aisle. From scented candles, eye-masks or even locally sourced shampoo, a box of goodies might be a good way to go.

Price 10,000LKR -15,000LKR (Depending on brands used)

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