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Updated: May 18, 2020

Ladurée is the most famous pâtisserie in Paris. Known for its stunning pastel-hued macaroons and cakes, tourists consider Ladurée an essential stop when visiting the city of lights. We couldn't wait to share the stunning pictures from a real life Ladurée inspired bridal shower in Sri Lanka. These pictures took us on a magical journey into the most romantic city in the world and allowed us to share the enchantment of an afternoon spent at Ladurée.

At Ladurée the pastels of macaroons evoke the brightness of spring, the season of new beginnings. Symbolically, it is the perfect theme for a bridal shower as a marriage is truly a new chapter in the book of an individual’s life. Therefore, we think a classic tea-party theme like this is perfect for the bride who loves the combination of refined old-world charm while still keeping the ambiance playful and light.

As you probably already know, we at Kay Deane are partial to pastels. We reached out to The Wedding Artisans who planned and coordinated the entire event, they were more than happy to give us an inside sneak peak to this Ladurée themed shower. The decor is spectacular because it has the same pistachio hue that dominates the interior of the original without being a complete replica.

The black chalk board that requests that guests suggest an experience for the newlyweds to try, adds the perfect contrast to the pastels of the rest of the decor. We especially like that it is very inclusive and allows guests to participate in the magic that has been created around them. The effect is elegant, soulful and contemporary.

We particularly love the way that the food and decor are loosely the same hues but not perfectly matchy-matchy. The cookies, macaroons and mini makes feature pastel hues like peach, periwinkle blue, blush, lavender and mint. The colours work in perfect complement with each other when paired with dull gold edging that that functions as a neutral to anchor the look together.

The elegant flower arrangements that feature in this bridal shower party are mostly pink roses and begonias that are beautiful yet understated and truly allow the food to take centre stage.The flowers that wreath and draw attention to the vintage champagne cart is our favourite aspect of the decor. The champagne cart is fully functional as it functions as the bar.

The cake is a three tier creation that is unique in that every tier has a connection to macaroons. The base layer is the mint and cream coloured front door and walls. The delicate lavender of the middle layer are a portal into the magical interior world of Ladurée. The middle window is decorated with a macaroon tree as well as an elegant black chandelier. The two windows on either side, complete with full sized macaroons! The topmost layer of the cake is shaped to resemble a macaroon tin, complete with the bride’s name. This is not a cake that we will ever forget.

Design Concept & Coordination : The Wedding Artisans

Cake & Sweets : Best in Town Cake

Florals : The Wedding Artisans

Balloons : Bloom Balloon Bar

Rentals : Dotties

Photography : Enamour Studio

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