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Healthy Meals from Percy & Bea That Every Bride Can Enjoy without Feeling Guilty

Updated: May 17, 2020

Apart from counting the days leading to your nuptials, as a bride-to-be, your worst bane in life is counting calories. Thankfully, the periscope of Colombo’s dining scene continues to evolve providing a culinary experience that allows a bride a palatable bite without dreading the intake of calories.

We’ve checked out Percy & Bea, a cloud kitchen that's launched recently to see what the hype was about - they didn't disappoint. Here are a few delights that caught our eye (and our appetites!)


This has us saying ‘what’ indeed! A wholesome vegetarian quinoa fried rice. For those of us who have a hard time parting from our Lankan ways and fried rice, this is the substitute we’ve been praying for.

LKR 800 (Add chicken into this delicious mix for just LKR 150)


Tired of having zero keto or gluten-free options when you dine out? Then, this is a must-try! Gluten is known for bloating and for a Bride-to-Be, this is scary – rates 10 on a Richter scale scary. Keto is here to stay – and this cauliflower fried rice with chicken has us saying hooray!

LKR 850


It's almost a sacrilege having to give up pizza, but fret no more – Percy & Bae introduce Colombo to pizza that's a keto and gluten-free combo. The ‘crust' is made purely out of cauliflower, topped with an aromatic tomato sauce, chicken, capsicum, and mozzarella.

LKR 1450


When it comes to looking your best at your wedding, the most revered advice nutritionists, fitness instructors, and just about anyone gives you is to stay away from carbs. At most points, you still want to ask, ‘even pasta?' P&B gives us the solution – the perfect imposter – zucchini noodles instead of regular spaghetti. Being high in electrolytes and fibre, zucchini is an essential part of a diet for a Bride-to-Be.

LKR 950


The holy grail of kottu, this guilt-free pick is yours to indulge – what's better is that it is keto! The roti is made with coconut flour, an array of vegetables, and ties the spice of a traditional kottu in one great low-carb dish.

LKR 850


This keto and gluten-free hunger buster is made out of coconut flour and is served with chicken curry and a serving of sambol. While not only being a delicious substitute to wheat flour, coconut flour is also rich in fibre to promote digestion and leaves you feeling full longer to keep away snacking in between.

LKR 650


Baked chicken provides the protein you need to keep up with a fitness regimen, but for those who cannot say goodbye to mashed potatoes, P&B introduces a healthy substitute of mashed pumpkin with this paprika baked chicken. Did you know that pumpkin is an antioxidant that boosts your immunity? – Stay away from an unwanted 'flu or illness, leading to your big day by adding pumpkin into your diet.

LKR 675


Get your protein fix with this delicious Cobb salad laden with chicken, iceberg lettuce, with plenty of veggies. It’s gluten-free and ideal for those on a keto diet! If you’re to substitute a plate of rice, you’re looking at it.

LKR 700


A vegetarian delight of couscous and chickpeas with olives, cucumber, and cherry tomatoes for flavour and added nutrients. Chickpeas are known for its plethora of health benefits – and its excellent to aid digestion and help weight management. Typically, having to chomp down chickpeas might seem mundane, but with P&B's homemade roasted red pepper sauce and a generous topping of feta, you’re bound to order this a few times.

LKR 800


A power-packed vegetarian zucchini noodles, flavoured with a homemade pesto sauce and mushrooms. Pesto sauce is an excellent antioxidant with vitamins, and polyunsaturated fats because of cashew nuts and olive oil base – hello gorgeous, glowing skin! It's also gluten-free and fits in perfectly with a keto diet.

LKR 850


Ideal if you’re having company over. This pie slices up for eight people and is loaded with spinach and chicken. The health benefits of spinach are plenty – there's calcium, fibre, folic acid, and vitamins A and C – for a bride to be, this spells out a magic potion for overall health benefits. It’s also keto-friendly and gluten-free.

LKR 1,000

Apart from these giggle-inducing uber-cool names, Percy & Bea are a no-fuss eatery that has affordable meals (mostly under LKR 1,000) that help to make the most of calorie intake. Simply place your order the day before for delivery or collection on 0772 516 949 between Monday and Friday. Check out our post for more healthy meal recommendation under LKR 1,000 around Colombo.

Minoli Senanayake is a full-time marketer who counts over 10 years of experience and freelance content specialist, based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. When not typing furiously on her laptop, she enjoys following dogs on Instagram, indulging her slight obsession of red lipstick, and dreaming of being a late-night talk-show host.

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