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How to Recreate Pinterest-Worthy Intimate Weddings in Sri Lanka

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Like many of our readers, we enjoy looking through Pinterest for wedding inspiration. Many of the images that we continue to look at time and time again are those of small weddings with stunning scenery in the background. One of our main goals with this post is to give our readers ideas for weddings that are intimate, dreamy and also relatively inexpensive.  We strongly believe that you should be able to share your special day with just the people who are actively a part of you and your spouse-to-be’s life. We feel that weddings are dreamier when they are small and intimate. The ceremonies featured in this post have minimal decor, instead, allowing the natural surroundings to create the ambience and overall visual interest of the wedding.

Lakeside Wedding 

This North Carolina wedding reminds us of the movie The Notebook. The simple elegance of the dock and lake can be effortlessly recreated at Bolgoda Lake, Moratuwa. The decor can be kept to a minimum to truly let the stunning backdrop of the lake remain the main focus. We imagine that saying your wedding vows at dusk by Bolgoda lake to be a magical experience. The only way to top that is by saying them on a boat in the middle of the lake. Your loved ones can witness the most special moment of your life from the banks of Bolgoda Lake, where the banquet tables and chairs can be arranged for the evening. (Photo credits Pinterest)

Eloping in Mystical Mountainside Forest 

This picture made us fall head over heels in love with the idea of eloping in a forest. This would be the perfect wedding for a couple who isn’t particularly enthralled with the idea of having to divert their attention to anything but belonging to each other on their wedding day. Without the frills and diversions of organizing a big ceremony and entertaining guests, you are truly able to focus on each other.  A wedding like this could be recreated in the forests of the Hantana mountain range, that is Southwest of Kandy. We confess that this particular wedding idea is our all-time favourite. (Photo credits Photobug community)

On a Hill with the view of the Ocean

If you love the idea of a beachside wedding but don’t want to have to deal with sand, a ceremony at an elevated location overlooking the sea is perfect.  Location-wise, Mirissa is ideal for recreating this Hawaii wedding. A location that is overlooking the ocean without actually being on the beach can be quite versatile as it gives you more options in terms of deciding if it is to be more boho casual or formal. The lanterns that hang from the branches of the tree, are minimal and elegant and don’t distract from the oceanic backdrop. (Photo credits Marth Stewart Weddings)

Hill Country Wedding 

The world-famous gardens of Villa Gamberaia in Florence, Italy is the site of the wedding pictured. The perfectly manicured topiary, green lawns and cypress trees remind us of several well-known gardens in the hill country combined with the garden maze scene from Time Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. Except we hope that unlike poor Alice, you don’t have too many busybody family members cramping your style We think this look can be recreated in the garden of Grand Hotel, Nuwara Eliya. (Photo credits Jules Bower)

Garden in The Hill Country

The rustic simplicity of the wedding is far from lacking magic. We accept that the term rustic gets thrown around a lot,  but it really has become a modern classic for weddings. This look celebrates natural surroundings and rejects the fidgety of stiff floral arrangements, whilst not lacking in sophistication  The ceremony pictured has everything we love about the rustic look.  The eye is drawn to the flower arch that is bathed in soft, golden light that appears only in the afternoon. The flower arch is an organic aspect of the garden that is in harmony with the easy elegance of the wedding. Recreating the unpretentious vibe of this wedding is possible at a location such as the gardens of  Kelburne Mountain View Cottages, in Haputale. (Photo credits Once Wed)

Backyard Weddings

If you are privileged enough to have a backyard like this, you can create a dream wedding in the comfort of your own home. Given that the space is your own, you can customize every aspect of your ceremony exactly as you please without any annoying restrictions. Although there aren’t many elements to complicate the decor of the wedding picture, we adore the simple elegance of the white table cloths combined with the minimal lighting on the trees. Don’t worry if you don’t have a garden of your own as there are plenty of rentable outdoor spaces in Colombo, that fit the bill perfectly. (Photo credits Style me pretty)

Mountainside with a Lake View

Tiblis, Georgia is the location for this lakeside wedding with a breathtaking view of mountains. It reminds us of every fairytale we read as a child combined with the gothic elements of shows like The Vampire Diaries and Once Upon A Time. Castlereagh Reservoir, Hatton would be the ideal place to recreate this wedding. The mist swathed hills and valleys that surround the reservoir have a similar mysterious quality that makes this image so unforgettably romantic. We think the early morning would be the perfect time to have your ceremony here. (Photo credits Raraavis Weddings)

Beach Wedding

There is something about the never-ending crashing of the waves that make us want to wish you and your spouse-to-be an immortal love that goes beyond the span of your lives. Now that you’ve caught us being sentimental, let’s talk about the classic beach wedding pictured here. We love how the white canopy, blush chairs and blue ocean mimic the colours of the sky at sunset. We accept that beach weddings are far from conventional amongst Sri Lankans. But as you already know, we at Kay Deane support you in shrugging off any set rules regarding weddings. Or in anything else, for that matter. Living on an island surrounded by ocean means that you are spoiled for choice for an oceanic backdrop. (Photo credits Kristen Booth Photography)

We can't wait to see pics of your special day! Menik Senanayake is a writer and blogger living in Toronto, Canada. She’s a polyglot who ironically prefers the company of animals over people. You can read her travel stories at lavenderlune.org and follow her on Instagram here.

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