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11 Romantic Maldivian Hotels for your Honeymoon that's under 65,000LKR a night

Updated: May 17, 2020

With the stunning selection of natural landscapes and great hotels spread right across our island, it's never too hard to find the ideal place for a romantic honeymoon getaway. However, you might've explored everything on offer here and maybe you're looking for something different; something that'll invoke once-in-a-lifetime memories for the rest of your lives. The Maldives is just a short flight away, but being a premium holiday destination it can get quite expensive. That's why we've put together a list of breathtaking locations in the Maldive Islands for under 65,000LKR a night! We're sure you'll find something you both really like, in our extensive list of Maldivian hotels and resorts for that unforgettable honeymoon trip.

1. Kandima Maldives

Room Type : Beach Studio

Rough Room rate : 50,257 LKR (Including Taxes)

2. Season Paradise

Room Type : Executive Suite

Rough Room rate : 50,383 LKR (Including Taxes)

3. Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu

Room Type : Beach Villa

Rough Room rate : 49,300 LKR (Including Taxes)

4. Overview Maldive by Canopus

Room Type : Superior Double

Rough Room rate : 33,471 LKR (Including Taxes)

5. Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma

Room Type : Sea View beach house

Rough Room rate : 63,382 LKR (Including Taxes)

6. Kiha Beach

Room Type : Ocean front room with spa & bath

Rough Room rate : 25,658 LKR (Including Taxes)

7. Fun Island Resort & Spa

Room Type : Standard double room with Sea view

Rough Room rate : 39,636 LKR (Including Taxes)

8. Nika Island Resort & Spa

Room Type : Water Villa on BB

Rough Room rate : 57,960 LKR (Including Taxes)

9. Equator Village Resort

Room Type : Standard Double room

Rough Room rate : 31,813 LKR (Including Taxes)

10. Wave Sounds by 3S Maldives

Room Type : Deluxe Double room

Rough Room rate : 23,239 LKR (Including Taxes)

11. Liyela Retreat Maldives

Room Type : King room with Sea View

Rough Room rate : 33,424 LKR (Including Taxes)

NOTE : Please note that the rates above were obtained from booking.com and may vary depending on the dates selected. Also, the rates above do not include domestic flights/ferries.

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