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Inspirational Celebrity Bridal Shower Themes

Updated: May 6, 2020

Planning a bridal shower? Here are Kay Deane Bridals’ Seven Top Picks

Planning a bridal shower (at any scale) is not an ordinary feat. During this incredible golden age of Instagram and digital flaunting, executing the perfect celebration is now more important than ever. From planning the must-have elements to food and drinks – you’re actually down to planning a mini-wedding. It turns out that the same decisions and planning applies for this pre-wedding celebration. Experts say that this becomes infinitely easier when you have one important element picked out first: your theme.

Celebrities – who said they were any different to us? Apart from glamour, large-scale events, there are still celebrities who’ve made their bridal showers even better with low-key exclusive events with select friends and family. Here’s our curated selection of these A-listers and their personal celebrations that have made it to Kay Deane Bridals top 07. These intimate celebrations with close friends and family have made them desirable and inspirational.

An All White Theme for Lea Michele

When photos of Lea Michele’s pre-nuptial celebration hosted by her mother first emerged on social media we were in awe of this spectacular all-white theme. Edith Sarfati has outdone herself as close friends and family gathered to celebrate her daughter’s engagement with Zandy Reich, a fashion entrepreneur. Keeping with the theme Lea Michele wore a white ensemble by Christian Siriano. This dreamy affair had an all-white them for seating that even extended to the full-white floral theme.

Floral and Fashionable Theme for Lauren Conrad

Celebs and their knack for all things personalised. Proving just this ‘Almost Mrs Tell’ hosted a bridal shower announcing her engagement to William Tell in 2014. The vintage-inspo for china and flatware were absolutely adorable. The fashion designer didn’t forget custom-made napkins, floral themed flower walls, and a plethora of intricate detailing. Now here’s a bridal shower hailed for its ‘gram-worthiness.

Serena William’s Spa & Wellness Bridal Shower

For those who cannot (or will not) have just one bridal shower, they will be joining the ranks of Serena Williams. Now, of course, there’s no blame for the queen of tennis has she and her friends flew to Miami for a weekend of total relaxation, endless spa treatments, yachting, and yoga.

Fairytales and Flair for Nicky Hilton

It’s always an endless fairytale for some celebs. Kathy Hilton, with the help of Kyle Richards, hosted a lavish fairytale themed bridal shower for her daughter Nicky Hilton. To be clear, Hilton already lives a life of splendour and unreal extravagance, and this shower was just an extension of this reality. In 2015, this whimsical affair took place in Beverly Hills. The ‘larger-than-life' structure of a fairytale book welcomes guests with a Cinderella-esque feel – only it was about James Rothschild and Nicky Hilton. Purple and white flowers adorned the dining table, with a centrepiece that replicated a castle.

The Blue Box for Priyanka Chopra

Actress Priyanka Chopra topped our list of bridal party ‘must-do’ with a theme that had everyone reeling: Tiffany. Her engagement to Nick Jonas was celebrated her with close friends (a hundred!), at the Blue Box Café at the flagship store of Tiffany & Co, 5th Avenue. Her guests each received a monogrammed passport case, mini cakes in the shape of the iconic Tiffany box, and of course, champagne.

Kim Kardashian’s Elegant Parisian Brunch

The year was 2014, but with the Kardashian Klan, nothing is forgotten. Kim K celebrated her epic engagement with rapper Kanye West at the Beverly Hills Peninsula Hotel. The party was planned by the Momager Kris Jenner who surprised her daughter with a French-themed brunch all set in white. The bride-to-be also wore a Chanel number to complete the theme.

How a Princess Should Party: Meghan Markle's Bridal Shower

The whole world waited in anticipation for the bridal shower for the princess-to-be. Meghan Markle's dual-purpose shower was the epitome of R&R, prepping for the wedding of the year. Her luxe bridal shower was held at Soho Farmhouse, just outside London, comprised of pampering and great food. The location is known to be a hotspot for Markle and Prince Harry who often swing by for date nights.

Don’t get us wrong – we did say intimate, but it’s not to compromise its aesthetics no matter their size. What adds to the glamour and comes as no surprise is that Stars have their own bridal shower planner and have a close friend who helps coordinate the event. Each of the above bridal showers perfectly showcases the Star’s personality, taste, and personal style, to a tee. If anything, this tells us celebs are just as excited about bridal showers as we are.

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