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The Pros & Cons of having an outdoor wedding in Sri Lanka

Updated: May 17, 2020

We have provided you with the most spectacular locations around Sri Lanka for an outdoor wedding. Rest assured, we at Kay Deane Bridal have got your back. We’ve done the legwork and sifted through the good, bad and ugly for you.

We have always preferred receiving the bad news first so the good news can hopefully soothe our wounds. So here we go with the cons.



Within Colombo, it is quite difficult to find the ideal venue that matches all those Pinterest pictures you based your wedding mood board on. Your guests and wedding party might compliant about travelling to the middle of nowhere for your wedding.

Unpredictable weather

Trying to predict the weather is like trying to predict who would die next in Game of Thrones (or it was… #rip #neverforget) When planning an outdoor wedding, sometimes you have to pray to whoever is listening to keep it light and breezy. We recommend that you have a contingency plan for unpleasant weather situations.

Additional costs

Sure, fairy lights are a cheap alternative... until you try lighting an entire lawn with it. With outdoor weddings, there are additional costs of marquees, lights, outdoor dance floors, etc.


Another factor to consider is that your suppliers (i.e florists, MUA’s and caterers) will most probably charge you more if the venue is not within Colombo.Furthermore, there might be issues with delivery times, vital bits of information getting lost in translation, etc.


Outdoor weddings means a whole swarm of gatecrashers — by that we mean bugs. From mosquito bites to ants nibbling at your wedding cake, be wary of encroaching on their turf.

Hopefully, we haven’t put you off the whole outdoor shebang yet! Here comes the pros (all dressed in adjectives and flowery language)


Beautiful scenery and views

Sri Lanka can proudly boast of having the most beautiful variety of scenery. From sprawling tea estates all the way to glistening shores, You are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a destination for your fairytale wedding. Trust us, there are many unique choices that are going to take everybody’s breath away.

Nature as the starring backdrop

Worry not about a gorgeous backdrop for your pictures, wasting time on the DIY’s photo booths and such. All the beautiful scenery has got you covered on that aspect.

Natural lighting

Alright let’s face it, the only reason any couple in this generation may have that one wedding photo in a studio is because they wanted to abide by their parents wishes. Now we are all about the aesthetic candids…outdoor weddings provide the perfect natural lighting to capture all the right angles.

Accommodate large parties

It can be quite stifling to pack the 300 or so guests that have to be invited to your wedding into a less than spacious ballroom or hall, which leads to you trying to figure out who not to invite. Outdoor weddings don’t have you doing that. Why? The space is literally open air and can accommodate as many guests as you want present.

More romantic and whimsical

Picture this, you and the love of your life exchanging vows surrounded by your closest and dearest while the birds sing and the trees rustle in the gentle breeze. With an outdoor wedding, that romantic whimsical setting is bound to happen naturally.

At the end of the day, all that matters is you and your partner are finally married, and ready to spend the rest of your lives together. I personally love the idea of getting married outdoors(hear that future husband). From the initial Pinterest boards onwards, We at Kay Deane know that a lot of the fun of the wedding comes from the planning and anticipation. We hope you have as much fun planning as we had researching and writing this blog post.

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