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Tips for a low budgeted wedding during the corona-virus pandemic

If you’ve always dreamed of having a truly authentic and sentimental wedding, the time to host your dream wedding is NOW!

Keep it small

You might be wondering whether a smaller guest list will mean a dull and boring wedding? After all, as Sri Lankans, we love to be surrounded by loads of family and tradition.

But keeping it small means your wedding will be more personal and meaningful and it's the perfect opportunity to keep unwanted guests away: YES! You can finally exclude nosy aunty Nirmala and overbearing uncle Jehan.

Cutting short can be difficult, but even smaller occasions can be made momentous and celebratory.


Times may seem uncertain and you may be looking to cut back on costs.

Opting to use e-invites is perfect! It saves time, money and even facilitates social distancing.

You can make sure that your invite suits your chosen theme. Go all out. You can even use online apps to design your own invites: this is your chance to get creative!

Home sweet home

Our homes are often imbued with our most cherished memories and experiences.

Choosing a place that is familiar and close to the heart can make your special day all the more sentimental and memorable.

Having a wedding at home means that some spaces are already filled up. With all your guests filing in you won’t have to fret over empty or unfilled decor spaces.

But, remember to make sure that guests have enough space to lounge and mingle as well. Times are different and social distancing takes precedence.

SNAP.CLICK. LIGHTS: A garden in the backdrop makes for a great photo-shoot. So make sure you take all your perfectly “candid” shots.

DIY Decor

Decorations are important: it creates mood and ambience, enhances the experience and makes your day all the more magical!

Hiring decor can be expensive and quite a hassle.

Instead, you can opt to include family heirlooms like vintage china and silver, or hand-embroidered napkins to create the ambience you desire.

Simple decorations will also come in handy.

Many decor specialists are now offering online tutorials on how to make the simple yet elegant decor.

You are not alone! Get your family members to help you: a wedding is a family affair after all!

Click here for some DIY decor tips for a simple yet special occasion.

Home Baked cake

Revel in the yumminess of home-baked goodness!

What’s a celebration without cake?

No, your cake does not have to look three tired or perfect! A simple one to mark the occasion will do.

This way, guests will actually get a chance to eat the cake and you might even find some excellent compliments coming your way!

Hair and makeup

Do NOT panic. You have everything you need at your disposal.

Stylists are now offering virtual hair and makeup trials; during which they run through different styles and looks; while ensuring that you learn how to create them by yourself.

This might sound scary if you are not a makeup expert, but unprecedented times call for us to adapt and try new things.

As Sephora beauty director, Jeffrey English suggests, you can start with your ‘everyday face’ and then gradually start “adding a new detail or two that you really love.”

If your lighting is virtual, remember to test your makeup--along with light settings beforehand.

Remember to do your daily cleansing and conditioning and include products to make your hair more voluminous in the lead up to your big day!

Azra is a passionate writer and her interests include language, culture, politics education and psychology.

She enjoys reading or a good workout when she is stressed, though she opts for baking in her better (lol or lazier! JK) days. She is currently studying for a BA in English at the University Of Colombo

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