• Minoli Senanayake

Trendy Grazing Tables your Wedding Guests are going to Love

Updated: May 6, 2020

Say Goodbye to Traditional Buffets and Feast Your Eyes on this New Foodie Trend

Charcuterie boards are here to stay as so is its slightly elaborate rendition: the grazing table. From being the perfect platter to curate for serving pals who come over from drinks at home or bridal showers, grazing tables are an absolute trend in wedding and event catering setting an informal vibe of that has guests mingling in no time with a feast of charcuterie, antipasti, and dips.

Whether you decide to skip the canapés or tire of traditional buffets, Grazing Tables can be a show-stopping substitute for a delicious and fun way to look after your guests. The keyword to work with is abundance. Caterers like Platter It Up seems to have caught on to this trend thoroughly by including even stunning three-meter long grazing tables and balancing the aesthetics with stunning floral decor.

Grazing Tables add so much to the ambience of a party or event—the intermittent bursts of colour, myriad of textures, and don't even get me started with the delicious aromas that cast a magnetic spell on guests to them. Food, casual conversations, more food: any successful event begins in that order.

With the right styling, including wooden boards, elevated bowls, and beautiful asymmetry that has guests ooohing and aaahing before they dig in. Platter It Up added a touch of Lankanism with achcharu and cheese which I'm sure had guests reeling for more.

The overall impact of a Grazing Table is much more than delicious food that brings people together - it can be styled to any theme or occasion to make it your own. No more banes of a cocktail hour where guests and waiters bump into each other like a game of ice hockey! This gives you the ability to speak to the personalities of your crowd, gastronomically of course, by appeasing them with comfort food and an easy style of service they'd love.

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